In Portugal, Manufacture and sale of original handmade T-shirts

Em PortugalFabricação e venda de camisetas originais feitas à mão



About "Feira da Ladra"

In Summer,  open a store at "Feira da Ladra " in Lisbon, Portugal.  

No Verão, abra uma loja na "Feira da Ladra" em Lisboa, Portugal.   夏季にはポルトガルのリスボンの "Feira da Ladra"に出店しています。


"Feira da Ladra" とは...

「Feira da Ladra」は「女性泥棒の市場」の意味。




1610年に、"Feira da Ladra"という表記が公式の場所に登場するようになりました。

"Feira da Ladra" means "a female thief market"
It is a flea market which is a tourist attraction of the capital city of Lithuan in Portugal.
 The origin of "Feira da Ladra" was traced back to 1272.
one nun was selling the dishes, bags and clothes near church.
In the past , that selling style was thief's selling style.
so everyone began to call that a female thief market
In 1610,The designation "Feira da Ladra"  appeared in an official position.


Feira da Ladra in 2018

Feira da Ladra in 2019

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