"Sachi" means "happiness" "fortune" "luck"or "bless"  in Japanese.


We started work on design & illustration with an office in Tokyo since 2002.

came to Lisbon for the first time in 2014, wanted to shape the impression in Lisbon.

Then made “MINI MERCADO STORY” in 2015. and started T-shirt shop Lisbon in 2017.


2002年  ...東京に事務所を構えてデザイン&イラストの仕事を開始。

2014年  ...ポルトガルへ初渡葡

2015  ...“MINI MERCADO STORY”を発表

2017  ...リスボンでTシャツショップを立ち上げる。


■ Sachi-Studio-Tokyo   3-22-4-302 Toyotamaminami, Nerima, Tokyo, 176-0014 Japan

■ Sachi-Studio-Lisbon  Rua Morais Soares, 35-A, 1900-339, Lisboa, Portugal

Chief designer   Sachiko Okuda      

代表 奥田幸子


Born in Tokyo.

Began piano from the age of 5, calligraphy from the age of 7 years old.

Many Works of the music theme, or  by calligraphy style.