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...Illustration, Graphic-design, Oriental-art etc

イラスト、デザイン、書、墨絵...etc ARTをお届けしています




In your Life, Curiosity & Love

Recent efforts 令和6年2月24日 最近の精進


Last month I took a break due to infected with COVID-19.

I went to an ink painting class in Shibuya for the first time in two months.

I drew corn etc.




I submitted my assignments in December !!   "grapes" "chestnuts" "loquats.".

1.2月も無事、課題を提出できました!! 葡萄 栗 枇杷 です。 

Recent efforts 令和6年2月18日 最近の精進





Digital SketchIt can be used as a small cut. You can use it as a design part.

Everyone can use them for free, but please do not redistribute or sell it as a product. 





1995-2022 28 years Self-taught, without a teacher, I have tried many challenging...

Traces of Creation and Records of Ways of Life


1995-2022 28年間 独学で師も持たず挑戦してきた活動の数々...創造の痕跡と生き様の記録


Publishing, leaflets, etc. There are various painting styles... We can work like those.

Click here for work requests.


出版物の挿絵・リーフレット制作 等 画風も色々... お仕事のご依頼はこちらまで。

▶︎Music・Stage 音楽・舞台の仕事 

 ●YAMAHA ●Suntory Hall ●俳優座 etc

▶︎Publishing 出版の仕事

 ●YAMAHA ●全音楽譜出版 ●宝島社 ●主婦の友社 etc


 ●ワークショップ ●オリジナルグッズ販売

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Let's Go to Sachi-Studio.

Step1 ARCHIVE GALLERY You can find a way how to assemble an illustration in it.

 "Sachi" means

"happiness" "fortune" "luck"or "bless in Japanese.

In your Life, Curiosity & Love 



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