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2022- 書道会に入りました


I joined the calligraphy club.




硬筆 課題 2022.4-2024.2

漢字かな交じり文 課題 2022.4-2024.2

かな 課題 2022.4-2024.2

漢字 課題 2022.4-2024.2

王羲之「蘭亭序」臨書 2023.4-2024.2

条幅かな 課題 2023.11-2024.2

Let's Go to Sachi-Studio.


Step1 ARCHIVE GALLERY You can find a way how to assemble an illustration in it.

 "Sachi" means

"happiness" "fortune" "luck"or "bless in Japanese.

In your Life, Curiosity & Love 


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