Toy illustration

There is the word educational toys, but all toys bring learning.

By the way, playing is learning !!

That's why it's at the top of the education category.

Is it the power of toys that makes you feel happy just by adding a little color to the monochrome sketch of the toy?



しいては、遊びは学びなのです !! というわけで教育カテゴリーのトップに。


「Free illustration」は、個人、法人、商用、非商用問わず無料でご利用頂けますが、商品として再配布・販売はしないでくだい。

Everyone can use "free illustration", but please do not redistribute or sell it as a product. 

Let's Go to Sachi-Studio.

Step1 ARCHIVE GALLERY You can find a way how to assemble an illustration in it.

 "Sachi" means

"happiness" "fortune" "luck"or "bless in Japanese.


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